Region of Peloponnese, Greece


The Region of Peloponnese encompasses all the elements that one can see and experience in various parts of the country: from history to gastronomy, culture, arts and nature. It is also known for its magnificent landscapes comprising of sun-drenched sandy beaches, hidden caves and lakes, trekking paths, traditional villages and ski resorts. When visiting the Peloponnese, you have the opportunity to discover:

  • 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • 60 Archaeological Sites
  • 25 Museums
  • 150 Traditional Villages
  • 15 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • 25% of the Total Area Natura
  • 28 Blue Flag Beaches and counting
  • E4 European Path
  • Unique local customs and traditions


Historical Sites to visit

Ancient Messene: Explore a city that is 2,500 years old, bigger than Ancient Athens and with a pioneering zoning plan that ensured the fair distribution of land, to rich and poor alike. Concerts and other events are being hosted at its spectacular theater.

Ancient Olympia: A UNESCO World Heritage site, the cradle of the Olympic Games, which started during the 4th century BC, is an area of unique natural beauty where you can explore the stadium and gymnasium as well as the Museum hosting important antiquities related to the ancient Olympic Games.

Temple of Apollo Epicurius: The ancient temple from the 4th century BC is the best preserved ancient Temple in Greece, having a large part of its roof intact. It was awarded World Heritage Site status by UNESCO even before the Parthenon. 


Unspoilt Beaches

Voidokilia:  The white-sand beach shaped like a Greek “Ω” that separates Gialova Lagoon from the sea, graces numerous lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including one of the Top 10 beaches in the world according to THE TIMES. It has been associated with the Homeric port of Ancient Pylos, one of Telemachus’s stops on his search for his father, Odysseus.


Dunes Beach: A 1.5 klm long sandy beach, facing the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea, offering beach service and sports like kitsurfing, beach volley and lunch at seafront restaurants featuring seafood and other specialties prepared with the freshest local ingredients.



Only 45 km from Kalamata, two signature golf courses are located in Costa Navarino by the sea, The Dunes Course and the Bay Course. 



Alive with aromas and breezes and nurtured in the warmth of the sun, the land of Messinia produces tastes and flavors that linger in the memory. Age-old traditional recipes, such as diples, lallagia and kagiana, or rooster with noodles (hylopites), prepared with fresh ingredients, are enjoyed in a spirit of harmony and true friendship. The local cuisine of Messinia features numerous recipes based on extra virgin olive-oil. This precious gift of the earth has a distinctive flavor and smooth taste which make it the perfect accompaniment to vegetables, pasta, meat, fish and sweets.